Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sorry! Webeaver.Com project has been discontinued

I'm really sad to announce that the Files & Videos search engine project (Webeaver.Com) has been discontinued.

The project started in 2013, set online in 19 Jun 2016. Unfortunately, the lack of financial resources, ads revenues and a big community as a support made it very difficult for me to continue developing and financing such a project.

With only five bots (recycled PCs) running 24/7 I came up with more than a year huge queue of filtered URLs to explore...

It's time to set an end to this great adventure, take a break and start a new one 😉

RIP Webeaver.Com

Monday, April 30, 2018

Auto optimized queries

When you type a query searching for a file or a video search processor will optimize your query in order to give you the accurate results...

When your query contains a file extension, the search processor will detect the most popular extensions and switch automatically into the advanced search mode retrieving only files that have the detected extension.

The same method is applied when a file version is included in user query. index may contains many versions of the same file so users can profit from this feature and include a version number in their queries, the search processor will detect the version number and switch automatically into the advanced search mode to retrieve the appropriate file with the specified version number.

Please feel free to click on the Advanced Search link in search results page to open the form that let you specify more query criterias for a better search.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Preview not working is loading over HTTPS and when you try to preview a content inside the website that is not also loading over HTTPS then your browser will block that content in order to protect you.

There are also many other situations when your browser could block the preview content and instead may choose to start a download:

  • The plugin associated with the content to be previewed is not secure or outdated.
  • There is no plugin installed that will render the preview.
  • The source website is prohibiting cross domain "rendering" or forcing download.
Bottom line, your browser is protecting you against potential harmful content and for example, if you need to play games directly in You need to disable security level for the website and activate flash plugin when needed.

All contents indexed by bots are regularly scanned using Google Safe Browsing service in order to protect our users. When a harmful content is detected, it is immediately hided from the website.

Monday, July 25, 2016

How to make a good Webeaver search query

Using is a little bit different than using existing search engines like Google, Bing and others. In, the user is looking for a web resource (files and videos) that has a name or title for videos, but in most web search engine, users are looking for a web  page that contains the keywords list they provide for the search engine.

To get accurate results on, try to concentrate on the name of the web resource you  are looking for. Imagine or guess what is the name the editor gave to the web resource that you want to find and download.

Let's say that you are looking for a software that converts a video from a file format to another one. You can make a Webeaver search query like : video converter.
Let's say you are looking for an antivirus with a free license. You can try : free antivirus. provides an advanced search form that users can show by clicking the down arrow nearby the search button. On that form, for example, you can filter the size, file format, content type, video duration, videos host, etc. of search results page.

When you are searching for software, you can tell Webeaver the OS in which the software will be executed. You can add exe for windows, deb or rpm for linux, dmg for Mac and even you can specify which is 32 or 64 bits respectively win32 x86 or win64 x64. If you need more information about the download, you can click on the Source link to go to the source page where the software were found.

Just concentrate on web resource name when making search queries on

Friday, July 8, 2016

How to play online games on bots explore the web 24/7  looking for interesting web resources and in this post I will show you how to play online games or flash games directly on website.

First of all, navigate to and  start a new search with keywords like [game]. When the search results page shows up, click on the [Game] category link just below the search query text box. You can try more specific keywords to find more games...

Now that you have a list of games available on database, click on the down arrow icon at the left of the game's link, a context menu shows up. You have tree choices to play the selected game :

  • Click on the [Preview] menu item to start playing immediatly. Click on the black space to close the game and return to your search results page.
  • Click on the [Assisted download] to navigate to the associated game web page where you will get more information and options about the selected game. When in the new page, click on the Preview button and enjoy.
  • Click on the [Download from source] to play the game in the source website where our bots found it.
Watch the following video for a quick demonstration about how to play online games on
EDIT: To play flash games directly in, please use FireFox or other navigators because Google Chrome started to refuse rendering flash games some weeks ago.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


How to show quick view before download?
- For every file type that support preview in a IFrame, you can show a quick view of it before proceed to download. To do that, look for the down arrow icon at the right of the file/video link, click on it to show the menu then click on [Preview]. A modal window will show up inside you can check the preview of your file before download. The preview is available also for online videos.

How to get more information about a link?
- For every link in Webeaver search results page, you will be given a short description. At the end of that description you may find a [Show more...] link, you can click on it to extend the short description and show the full one. If you need more, you can click on [Read more...] to go to source web page where the file/video is referenced.

How about Webeaver assisted download?
- If you need assistance to download a file, look for the down arrow at the right of the file link, click on it to show the menu then click on [Assisted download]. You will be redirected to a web page where you can find all the information you need to make your download. You may also find some comments on that download and can contribute to help others by posting a comment too.

How to play online games on Webeaver?
- You can play online games (flash games) indexed on quickly in the preview screen. To do that, start by make a Webeaver search for online games, example: game swf. When the search result page shows up, look for a game link you want to play. At the right of that link, click on the down arrow icon then click on Preview. Enjoy :)

How about direct links?
- Webeaver includes in the download menu (click on down arrow at the right of links) the final/direct link that was discovered at crawl time. Usually direct links are temporary and may not work or expire after a moment. If you want to you can try direct links.

Does use cookies?
- and the included web services are all using cookies to enhance user experience. works better with cookies enabled but you can disable them in your browser preferences.

Does host files and videos?
- No! does not host any files that appear in the search results pages. It uses a database filled by web crawling bots to query and show results to users.

My question is not answered here!
- This FAQ will be updated as needed and if you have question about that is not answred here you can post it in comments or in our Facebook page or by email.