Wednesday, June 29, 2016


How to show quick view before download?
- For every file type that support preview in a IFrame, you can show a quick view of it before proceed to download. To do that, look for the down arrow icon at the right of the file/video link, click on it to show the menu then click on [Preview]. A modal window will show up inside you can check the preview of your file before download. The preview is available also for online videos.

How to get more information about a link?
- For every link in Webeaver search results page, you will be given a short description. At the end of that description you may find a [Show more...] link, you can click on it to extend the short description and show the full one. If you need more, you can click on [Read more...] to go to source web page where the file/video is referenced.

How about Webeaver assisted download?
- If you need assistance to download a file, look for the down arrow at the right of the file link, click on it to show the menu then click on [Assisted download]. You will be redirected to a web page where you can find all the information you need to make your download. You may also find some comments on that download and can contribute to help others by posting a comment too.

How to play online games on Webeaver?
- You can play online games (flash games) indexed on quickly in the preview screen. To do that, start by make a Webeaver search for online games, example: game swf. When the search result page shows up, look for a game link you want to play. At the right of that link, click on the down arrow icon then click on Preview. Enjoy :)

How about direct links?
- Webeaver includes in the download menu (click on down arrow at the right of links) the final/direct link that was discovered at crawl time. Usually direct links are temporary and may not work or expire after a moment. If you want to you can try direct links.

Does use cookies?
- and the included web services are all using cookies to enhance user experience. works better with cookies enabled but you can disable them in your browser preferences.

Does host files and videos?
- No! does not host any files that appear in the search results pages. It uses a database filled by web crawling bots to query and show results to users.

My question is not answered here!
- This FAQ will be updated as needed and if you have question about that is not answred here you can post it in comments or in our Facebook page or by email.

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