Monday, July 25, 2016

How to make a good Webeaver search query

Using is a little bit different than using existing search engines like Google, Bing and others. In, the user is looking for a web resource (files and videos) that has a name or title for videos, but in most web search engine, users are looking for a web  page that contains the keywords list they provide for the search engine.

To get accurate results on, try to concentrate on the name of the web resource you  are looking for. Imagine or guess what is the name the editor gave to the web resource that you want to find and download.

Let's say that you are looking for a software that converts a video from a file format to another one. You can make a Webeaver search query like : video converter.
Let's say you are looking for an antivirus with a free license. You can try : free antivirus. provides an advanced search form that users can show by clicking the down arrow nearby the search button. On that form, for example, you can filter the size, file format, content type, video duration, videos host, etc. of search results page.

When you are searching for software, you can tell Webeaver the OS in which the software will be executed. You can add exe for windows, deb or rpm for linux, dmg for Mac and even you can specify which is 32 or 64 bits respectively win32 x86 or win64 x64. If you need more information about the download, you can click on the Source link to go to the source page where the software were found.

Just concentrate on web resource name when making search queries on

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