Sunday, December 10, 2017

Preview not working is loading over HTTPS and when you try to preview a content inside the website that is not also loading over HTTPS then your browser will block that content in order to protect you.

There are also many other situations when your browser could block the preview content and instead may choose to start a download:

  • The plugin associated with the content to be previewed is not secure or outdated.
  • There is no plugin installed that will render the preview.
  • The source website is prohibiting cross domain "rendering" or forcing download.
Bottom line, your browser is protecting you against potential harmful content and for example, if you need to play games directly in You need to disable security level for the website and activate flash plugin when needed.

All contents indexed by bots are regularly scanned using Google Safe Browsing service in order to protect our users. When a harmful content is detected, it is immediately hided from the website.

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